Saturday, March 31, 2007


Molly and Kate that is. All.the.time. They strip off their clothes and diapers while busting out with some of the biggest giggles you ever did hear. Mommy and Daddy, not so amused.

Ryan on the other hand, he is such a big boy, he can get dressed all by himself. And he stays that way!

Life has been crazy as always but good. My weekend away was fabulous! The trip up was a bit scary due to an ice storm. I was driving and took it slow, reeeeaaaallll ssssllllloooowwww. Thankfully we made it safe and sound. The conference was tons of fun. Spending time with some of my best girlfriends was even better! I even had a couple of pints to celebrate St. Patty's. We ventured into NYC on Sunday. And what did four mommies away from home do? Why buy presents for the kids of course. FAO Schwarz IS still the best toy store ever!

Back home and back to the mommy groove. Ryan is really doing well in preschool. He is writing his name and even asking how to spell words. This week they had some baby chicks hatch from eggs. He was so cute talking about how he got to hold one of them. He recently declared he'd like to try camping. Camping??? With a tent and sleeping bags and a big fire to roast marshmellows. No idea where he came up with that one. LOL

Molly is, shall we say, very determined. When I came home Sunday night after being away, the first words out of Kevin's mouth, "Molly does NOT listen!" Um yeah. I know. She has a mind of her own that one. She is slightly obsessed with babies these days. If she seems a baby, anywhere, in a book, on TV, in real life, anywhere, she screeches at the top of her lungs, "Baaaaby! Baaaaby! Baaaaby!" Again no idea where that comes from as there will not be anymore babies in this house.

Kate until lately has been the one I secretly called, "The good one." LOL. Notice I said until lately. She has gotten quite a 'tude on her. "NO!" "Don't like that!" "Bad guy! You bad guy mommy!" All while sticking her butt out or placing her hand on her hip. It's so ornery I can't help but laugh. She is so petite it's hard to imagine where she gets this 'tude, but let me tell ya, she has it down pat.

I often remark, to whomever is pushing my buttons at any one particular minute, "It's a good thing you're cute." "Nuf said.

See why I NEEDED that weekend away.

We took the kids to a local Egg Hunt today. They made out quite well too. It was good practice for next week when the Easter Bunny visits Gam and Pop Pop's house. We are all anxiously awaiting a visit with Aunt Hil. The kids have been pretend calling her all week. "Hilwry. What doin'? Okay. Miss ewe. Seeya soon. Bye!"

Special thanks to Aunt Mimi. I am having a ball figuring out Photoshop and Lightroom! :)

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