Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm Trying

Trying to keep blogging that is. I can do it, I know I can. I also got my very first comment! Knowing someone may be reading this has inspired me. So if you've got a comment, I'm all ears. hee hee

Today was a pretty average day. Ryan was back to school. Still coughing some but better. His rash is all gone so he no longer looks like the Ewwww! kid. Now the girls have started coughing and with them a cough can lead to trouble, but hopefully not.

We hosted playgroup here for the younger set. As usual, Molly and Kate are scavengers when it comes to food, seeking it out wherever they can find it like they've never been fed before. I swear for such little girls they sure can eat. Speaking of size, Molly had an appointment with the Pulmonologist yesterday. She was 28 lbs 10 oz and 35 3/4 inches! That girl is all legs. Her appointment went well.

This afternoon it was siestas all around. Momma was burning the midnight oil last night working on the MOMS Club newsletter. So now I am not only the president but the newsletter person as well. That's okay, it makes me feel important and keeps me outta trouble.

Poor Gamma has the yucks still. Barfing and the dreaded "Big D". Feel better Gam!

Tomorrow is MOMS Club social and speech therapy for Ryan. Exciting stuff I tell you!

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Sugar Photography said...

glad to see you're posting again :)

glad you had a mommy nap today, those are just heaven, aren't they? :)