Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I wish I could say I haven't posted because I was on vacation....

But nah, that's not it. Life is just crazy for me. Ryan's first days back at school went well. He settled in and was okay with Mommy leaving. Then he got sick. 104 fever sick. "Please, please, please don't let the germies start already!" They have. He got better in a few days and the girls didn't get it. This time.
Then I had my hernia repair surgery. All went well. Hurt like the dickens tho. Two weeks of lite duty and hopefully, I'm good to go. I see the surgeon in the morning to get the official word.
We ALL got nasty colds next. Major boogies and nasty coughs. We're still fighting it off. The girls'nebulizers have been getting a work out.

And then.... on Saturday, September 30, 2006...

MY BABIES TURNED TWO! I just cannot believe it! They are "big girls" now and yes, they tell me this often. They are trying out the potty, running all over, talking up a storm, playing dolls just like little mommies, fighting over toys, generally just being TWO! We celebrated the day with Gamma and Ryan. We went to the mall and made teddy bears at Build A Bear. We got some new clothes and had lunch. Later on we had a yummy pot roast that Pop Pop made in the crockpot. Then we had cake! The girls did NOT eat dinner, instead chanting "CAKE!" the whole meal. During the birthday song, they screeched until mommy gave them some frosting. They devoured their Princess cake with glee. Big brother Ryan was a trooper despite wishing his birthday was first! Presents followed. The new doll babies and cribs were a hit. Baths and then bed. Happy Birthday Girlies!

On Sunday we drove down to Cape May for a pre wedding celebration for Aunt Gina. It was a nice sunny day. We took a ride down to the bay in hopes of getting at least one picture of the kids on the beach this summer. Alas, scatter brained mommy forgot to put the battery back in the camera after charging it! Bummer.
The party was fun. Kate was quite the social butterfly. She danced and ate and went up to complete strangers and demanded "Uppie." Most of them obliged her, except one very cute boy who obviously has no children. He had this look of bewilderment on his face as if to say, "Why is this kid asking me to pick her up?" LOL. Ryan played Mack and Lightning while Molly cowered into Daddy's chest most of the time.

Today it was back to school for Ryan. Pop Pop came to help with the girls. :) After school we took Ryan to get a haircut. We actually let the girls walk into the salon without the stroller. Big milestone, as normally I keep them well corralled. After the haircut, we took the girls for their first "Jimmy Johns" hotdogs. This is a hole in the wall little side of the road dog place. Man, good eats! The girls scarfed up a hot dog and a half a piece. They loved checking out the electric trains with Ry. Ryan was in his glory as this is his favorite lunch spot. We finished the meal with some ice cream and called it a day. Needless to say, we all slept well for naps today, including Pop Pop I bet.