Monday, September 11, 2006

Ryan's first day back to school

Mommy was VERY excited! Ryan, not so much...

He got a little better once we got to the school....

The girls waiting for Ryan to come back....

Alas, he survived. It was a very tearful goodbye but when I picked him up he said he had fun and wanted to go another day. Don't worry buddy, you will!

Molly and Kate missed big brother. They kept saying, "Ryan? Ryan?" I reassured them that we would see him soon. Needless to say it was a very happy reunion on all parts.

As you may or may not know, I am the President of a local chapter of MOMS Club. We hosted a speaker last week that talked about "Parenting Challenges". There was a first time mom new to the club that asked a question about her twin one year old boys. She explained that when seated in their highchairs one of the boys would throw his sippy cup and then the other thinking that was neat would throw his too. Having great fun, the boys would laugh at her. Quite exacerbated, she asked how to control this behavior. The speaker went on and on about ways to deal with this. I had to chuckle. Welcome to motherhood sister!

Having three kids has definitely been an eye opening experience. I'm learning at times it's easier to be a part of the "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" camp.

I know I am hugging my kids a little longer and tighter today. I cannot believe its been five years since 9/11. I can only hope my children never know the terror of that day. I am keeping all of the victims and families of victims in my prayers.

The girls are napping and Ryan needs some lovin'.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

A little break....

Ryan spent the night at Gam and Pop Pop's house last night. It is SO nice to be able to put the girls to bed at 8PM and have a quiet evening.

We did a huge Costco run this morning and went to ToysRUs to get a new diaper pail. Exciting stuff. We also picked up Ryan's Halloween costume, Buzz Lightyear! He will be very happy I am sure. We took the girls to lunch at the local burger joint. They made quite a mess but had a great time.

Nothing going on for the rest of the weekend. Working on getting lots of clothes hung and tagged for the upcoming Mothers of Multiples resale. Last resale I made over $700.

I can't believe the girls will be two at the end of the month! They are starting to walk up and down the stairs, are talking up a storm and are starting to love to play with dolls.

Molly has such a raspy voice, it cracks me up. And she is SO active. She loves to jump. In fact, the other day I saw her gearing up to jump off of a chair, but then she stopped herself. I guess she realized that may not be the best thing to try. I give it a week.

It looks like Kate may be a lefty. She loves to color and the crayon is always in her left hand. Guess time will tell. Kate has a definite 'tude lately. Look at her funny or deny her what she wants, and man, look out! She can throw quite a shit fit. But she can be sweet as pie too. Her cutest new trick is singing "The Wheels on the Bus" complete with hand motions.

Oh, I found out I have to have another hernia repair. Oh joy! Apparently the repair exactly a year ago didn't stick. Sept 19th is the big day followed by a bit of a "mommy vaca" as after that I can't lift the kids for 2 weeks. Good thing Kevin has vacation time left.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Today's the day!

I have been thinking for a while now that I should keep some kind of diary or memoirs of life in the Dunne household. Today, I did it! Welcome to my ramblings and all things Dunne.

Kevin and Ryan are outside cleaning up the yard from some nasty storms yesterday, and the girls are napping. This is "mommy time". Time when I can sit down and decompress for a bit and connect to the outside world through the internet; aka feed my addiction.

Ryan is almost 4! He is 40 lbs and approximately 41 inches tall. He is ALL boy! He loves all things cars, trains, and trucks with Disney Cars being a current fave. Buzz Lightyear is also his hero. He is giving us heck with bedtime lately. He gets out of bed rather frequently saying, "I'm scared." When asked what he's afraid of we get all kinds of answers from "the cars passing the house to the blue glow of mommy's alarm clock". We are trying to eliminate naps because this definitely makes bedtime harder. Ryan is FULL of energy. He loves to rip and run. He will start Preschool on September 11th, four days a week.

Molly is about 25 lbs and maybe 34 inches tall. We'll find out for sure at her 2 year check up. Molly is our crazy one. She is into everything! She is working very hard on walking up and down the stairs all by herself. Her two top teeth are starting to re-emerge. :) She also tends to be a bit of a bully, taking whatever it is that Katie has. May be why she has sported a full set of teeth marks on occasion.

Kate is about 24 lbs but is a good two inches shorter than Molly. Kate is getting some new teeth which has made her a bit grumpy. Normally she is our ray of sunshine. She is very social and is definitely a girly girl. She loves dresses, jewelry and stuffed animals. Kate recently shocked us all with her escape from the crib! Yep, she climbed out. Rather effortlessly I might add. Needless to say the girls got new "Princess tents" aka crib tents for their cribs. So far so good.

Stay tuned for lots more adventures!