Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring has sprung!

It was such a nice day today. High of 73 and sunny. Kevin was off so we took the girls outside to do some "yardwork". Ryan stayed at school for Lunch Bunch. It was Happy Meal day today and he was waaay excited to get another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle to add to his collection. Yep, the boy is obsessed. Strange for our formerly all train, truck and car boy. Whatever makes him happy. :)
The girls had fun in the sun riding bikes, playing with Ryan's trucks (sshhh don't tell) and generally wearing Mommy and Daddy out.

"Com'on Kate, let's go!"
"I'm coming!"
Kate felt the need to pray before riding her trike.
"There has to be more bubbles in here!"
Mommy took some flower pictures too because they hold still for her camera!
Playing with Ryan's trucks.

Daddy trying to keep up with Long Legged Molly!

Mommy's favorite spring tree.
And up close.

I got more pictures of Kate because she's easier to keep up with. LOL
You would think after all this, they would be tired. Nope. Too busy stripping to take a nap. UGH!

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Franklin5 said...

I'm just now seeing these pictures: they're gorgeous! And I'm LOL at the flower pictures: isn't it nice to have a cooperative subject that doesn't turn its head just as the shutter clicks? Honestly, I don't know how Jen (Sugar) does what she does.

The girls look so cute in their bike helmets! You've inspired me to get to the store this weekend to buy a pair for S and K, too,