Monday, January 28, 2008


This, my friends is why I haven't updated in so long....


I fell on 12/30/07 and really did a number on myself. I was just finishing up Welcome Neighboring and was heading to my car to go home. It was raining and as I stepped with my right leg to get into my van, I slipped and fell. At first I didn't feel anything. I was flat on my back with both legs in the air, my basket contents strewn all over the ground and then, I knew it was bad. How bad, you ask? My left leg looked like a stump at the end and my foot was facing the wrong direction. About this time, shock started to set in. I was hysterical. Luckily I had my cell phone in my pocket and was able to call 911 and was even able to tell them where the hell I was. I kept trying to call home to tell Kevin but kept messing up the number. I did manage to call my mom and tell her. The worst part of all of this. I was laying on the ground in the rain, by myself and no one came out of their house to help me AND the 911 person told me to call back if I got worse or needed anything.Click. Call back?! I thought they were supposed to stay on the line with you until help arrives! It seemed like forever but finally an ambulance came. Quickly followed by the Paramedics. They managed to get me off the ground and into the ambulance and fashioned a sling for my leg. They got an IV started and got the drugs pumping. On the way there the Paramedic was joking with the EMT about how he had just sat down to eat or something and thought it was bull that they were calling for the pain meds within 10 seconds of their arrival. He then looked at me and said, "Now, I can see why!"

So at the hospital they put me to sleep and put my foot back into it's proper position. I came too and the doctor came in and said something about surgery on Wednesday. Surgery?! Wednesday?! Apparently I broke three bones in my ankle and needed pins, plates and screws to fix it. So they splinted me up and sent me on my way. Except one thing. I.COULD.NOT.MOVE. There was no way, no how that I was getting up off that stretcher and going home. So they kept me overnight and kept me nicely drugged. The next day they gave me a walker and I was home in time for New Years Eve.

Due to the fact that I am on Coumadin, they had me stop taking it and we had to wait for my level to decrease before they could operate. So I spent the week hanging out. Friday 1/4/07, was surgery day. I got some nice metal placed in my foot. I can't wait to set off the metal detectors at the airports when we go to Disney. :)

I have been getting around via walker and wheelchair and I even have my own private commode. I really am only 37. Some days I wonder tho. So I've been doing a LOT of sitting and waiting, waiting and sitting. Hoping these bones heal up quick so I can get back to my regularly scheduled life. My husband has been a true gem, waiting on me hand and foot, ankle and taking vacation days to watch the kids. The kids seem to be used to mommy and her boo-boos. "Mommy has a broken foot and needs a wheelchair." Kate has even been seen sitting with her foot up saying its broken and that she needs a wheelchair.

I go back to the orthopedic surgeon a week from tomorrow and am ever hopeful that I can at least start bearing some weight. As I would love to be able to climb the steps to my own bed and take a shower standing up. (I've been camped out on the family room level of our split level home. I eat, sleep, hang out in my recliner and sit on a shower seat to bath. Glamorous life I tell ya.)

I am sincerely hoping that after all of this excitement dies down, that 2008 will turn out to be peaceful, calm, boring even. What I wouldn't giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive for boring.

Let's hope so!