Tuesday, March 06, 2007


That's how I'm feeling today. Pooped. My kids always get a kick out of it when Mommy says she is "pooped". Poop! Poop! Can you just hear it chanted giddily by Ryan, Molly and Kate?

And the reason I am pooped.... Kate was up screaming ALL night and Molly felt the need to join her. Double screaming=no sleep! All three have had junky coughs, runny noses and have been miserable. Kate was running a fever this morning so I decided to take them all in to see Dr. O. PopPop came along to help out as taking all three to the Ped on my own is definitely a nightmare. Turns out Ryan and Molly have sinus infections. Antiobotics for them. And the reason for Kate's screaming...a ruptured eardrum! Poor baby! Mommy and Daddy are taking it hard. Here we were grumbling about missing sleep and her eardrum ruptured! So it's antibiotics all around. She has to be seen by the Ped again in three weeks to make sure she's healing. If not, ENT bound she will be. Fingers crossed.

The weather was gorgeous on Saturday and the kids needed some fresh air so we took them to the park to run around. Got some pictures I need to upload. Will do in a bit.

On Sunday, my mom and I went to The Philadelphia Flower Show. Talk about AMAZING! I was in hog heaven trying out my camera with still subjects. (Again, I need to upload. I took almost 300 pictures!) The theme was Ireland and it was definitely worth seeing. I did something to my neck on Sunday. Was okay heading up to the flower show, coming home it got worse. Ended up not being able to move it at all. Thank goodness Kevin could help with the kids. Took some muscle relaxers, iced it and got some good healing sleep. A quick trip to the Chiro on Monday and by Monday afternoon I was feeling much better. :)

Last night we had dinner at Friendly's for a MOMS Club Fundraiser. There is a little girl in our club who is not quite two that was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis in October. Ten percent of the restaurant's proceeds from last night will come back to our club for a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in her honor. I am anxious to see how much we'll be able to contribute! The kids had fun getting ice cream and hot fudge all over them. I shoulda brought my camera as it was quite the sight.

Kevin is visiting his dad tonight (he had his second knee replacement yesterday which went well) so Momma is all alone with three sick kids. I will be needing MNO tomorrow night. Cash bingo. Wish me luck!

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Franklin5 said...

I'm so impressed... you're blowing me away with your blogging! And with sick kids and a missing husband, to boot!

Ugh: poor Kate! So sorry to hear about her ear, and definitely hope it heals quickly. We had everyone on antibiotics two weeks ago for a similar combination: ear, double ear and sinus infections. Those things are so darn tricky: you hate to drag them all in to the doctor if it's nothing, but of course you don't want to underreact if there's really something wrong.

Bingo sounds like some well-deserved fun. Win big! :)