Monday, February 26, 2007


That's what I get in Blogging 101. A big fat F! I keep meaning to blog and keep updated, but time gets away from me and I forget and then I feel like I've missed so much I can't possibly talk about all that's been going on in life and I just skip it. So yeah, I get an F!

I swear I'm gonna try harder. ;)

This weekend we went to NYC to visit Aunt Hil. I loaded up the van with lots 'o stuff and off we went. I borrowed a friend's portable DVD player. SWEET! The kids watched videos, dozed off to sleep and were generally agreeable. (Might have to get one of our own.) We arrived Friday night and had some yummy take out from a place called Five Spot. Saturday we went into the city for our traditional Toys R Us stop. Ryan just loves to wander the aisles over and over looking for just the right toy. This trip he got a Batman car carrier and Iron 'Arry and Iron Bert from Thomas. Doesn't take much to make him happy. He was terrified as always of Jeffrey and the life sized dinosaur. I think it was worse because he wasn't feeling well. He has a junky cough and a mysterious rash all over his body. He didn't eat all weekend and just wasn't himself. Even vanilla ice cream with sprinkles didn't help him feel better. The girls got new babies dolls from Gamma and have been driving everyone bonkers taking the clothes off and demanding they be put back on. We celebrated Aunt Hil's birthday Saturday night with some cake from Serpe's. On Sunday we slept late, packed up and had a quick brunch before heading home. We ran into a snow storm on the way back which made the driving slow going but we made it home safe and sound. Momma loves to visit NYC but is always glad to be home. Actually in a few weeks, Momma will be back in the Big Apple. It's a Girls Weekend Away for the Annual MOMS Club Convention March 16-18! Now that'll be a vacation!


Franklin5 said...

Hi, Kristen! I finally found a minute to pop over and thank you for the cute note on my blog, and look what greets me: a new post! Hooray!

Speaking from experience, I think you get an "A" for effort just by having a blog. There have been several times recently when I've just been too tired to post anything... surprisingly, it's my husband (the same one who routinely says, "Come to bed; it's too late to be on the computer!") who always nags me back into blogging again.

I can't wait to hear about the MOMS convention, and I look forward to comparing notes on this crazy life we're both leading. I'm so glad that Jen "introduced" us!


P.S. Do you mind if I link your blog on mine? If you'd rather I didn't, just let me know. I promise I won't be offended!

Kristen said...

Yay! My first comment! Thanks Amy. Nice to "meet" you. I don't mind a link on your blog at all. Guess that means I should spruce this up a bit tho and post more frequently. :)