Wednesday, June 04, 2008

No More Rat Poison!

I am officially off Coumadin! And yes, it is actually rat poison. Not something I knew until I was on it and my doctor told me. Apparently it is put in rat traps, the rats eat it and bleed to death. EWWWW! I guess that would be why you have to be so carefully monitored while on it. Speaking of rodents, I came home from Cirque du Soleil last night and there was lots of thumping and bumping in one of the kitchen cabinets. Yep, a mouse. We did not use Coumadin to take care of our furry friend. Lucky for us he was stuck in a glue trap. Enough with the rodents already.

Cirque du Soleil was awesome! For Mother's Day my mom wanted to see it and I was lucky enough to be invited along. Thanks Mom! We went to dinner and saw the show. Always nice to have an adult night out.

Speaking of nights out, I get another one this weekend. Kev is turning 49! We are going to dinner to celebrate while Gam and Pop Pop babysit. :)

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