Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I think I've lost my mind

One of my favorite shows these days is Jon& Kate Plus Eight. My favorite line is in the opening credits when Kate says, "Today I think I'm going to lose my mind." It makes me chuckle everytime I hear it because that's how I feel most days. I love my kids dearly but man, are they challenging. We are going through a hitting phase, big time, all.day.long.


Closely followed by loads of crying and the infamous, "She hit me!" or "He hit me!" Boo hoo hoo.

Today was the girls' last day of preschool. Last day. So I pick them up after school and their teacher tells me how Kate was beating on Molly all day. Gggggrrrrreeeeeaaaattttt. Last day of school and this is how it goes.

So another sign of me losing my mind, I agreed to be President of the local chapter of Mothers of Multiples. In addition to being on the board for MOMS Club and a coordinator for MOMS Club International in which I oversee 6 other chapters. Who me? Bored? Need more to do? Nah.

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Trish said...

So I have been catching up on your blog and boy you may every well lose your mind. LOL!