Sunday, June 08, 2008

Feeling hot, hot, hot

It has been so flippin' hot this weekend! Ryan had his Tball award ceremony yesterday and just standing outside for an hour left us all very sweaty and cranky. He was supposed to have a game afterwards but it was called due to heat. Thank goodness or there would likely have been some kids sent to the ER. It was even too hot for the pool. Today was hot as hades too but we did get some pool time in. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 98. Summer is here!

Happy Birthday to my dear hubby. Yesterday was his 49th! We celebrated by shopping at Target sans kids and going out to dinner. It was nice to have a date as it had def been a while. Today we had Gam and Pop Pop over for cake. The kids are all about the cake when its someone's birthday. Gam made a chocolate cake from scratch and it was delish. Left all three kiddos zinging for a while too. I did take a few snaps and will post those later. Right now I need to hit the hay.

Oh, btw, I am trying to post everyday. There's a blogging site NaBloPoMo site that has a contest where you blog every day for a month. Just seeing if I can do it or not before I sign up.

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Trish said...

Happy Birthday Kevin!