Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

I had a wonderful day. It started with Ryan coming into my room and wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. In fact, I was wished HMD, many many times by all three of my kids. Awwww. We went to brunch at my fav place, Winterthur. Delicious as always. We normally take a tram ride through the gardens and visit the Fairy Garden but it was really buggy out. Those darn gnats. So we went back to Gam and Pop Pop's for a bit and visited Brady. He has gotten so big! The kids like seeing him through the sliding glass door but not up close. He has a bit of a jumping problem that needs to be worked on.
Afternoon naps happened all around and then we finished out the day with dinner at Aunt Annie's house. A very nice day indeed.
Oh, I got a Ritz Camera gift card as I always love camera stuff, a mug with a picture of my family, new sheets and new towels. Yay!

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