Sunday, September 30, 2007

Three years

Three years ago tonight I had just given birth to my sweet little girls, Molly and Kate. In some ways it seems like three years have passed in the blink of an eye and in others it seems like the girls have been a part of my life forever. They have definitely brought me much joy and happiness. I always dreamed of having a daughter, little did I know that I would end up with two!

The girls had a great day. They hung out snuggling with Daddy in front of Caillou this morning and then the whole fam went to McD's for lunch. They were really into the birthday thing this year. They woke up saying, "Today's my birthday!" After lunch they both took a much needed nap. Gam, Pop Pop and Aunt Kiki joined us for dinner. The adults ate Pot Roast while the kids held out for cake. I actually baked a cake for the girls and it was a big hit. I took lots of pictures today so stayed tuned for those. I know I have been promising pictures for a while and I do plan to deliver. I am waaayyy tired tonight after a busy weekend. Kevin and I did the Mothers of Multiples Resale on Fri and Sat. Sat night we went on a date and today was the birthdays. Tomorrow night is a Girls Night Out. I am feeling much better lately but still tired so trying to take it easy.


Trish said...

wow 3 years old! Happy Birthday to Molly and Kate!

Happy Birthday to Ryan too!

Chava88 said...

I can't believe those babies are 3 years old. Holy cow!