Saturday, September 22, 2007

The kids

Well after my long drawn out therapeutic post below I thought I'd better update about the kids. Surprisingly they are doing quite well. To say life in our house has been a bit chaotic lately is a huge understatement. But they are troopers and are marching along. They are all in school. Ryan is in a Pre-K class at his preschool. It is officially a kingergarten class but because of his October birthday, he will do kindergarten again next year. He loves school! Such a big change from when he started at age 3. He walked in the first day and barely uttered goodbye. He has several kids from his class last year in his class and talks about the "guys" every day when he comes home. He has stayed several time for Lunch Bunch and even had his first playdate without mommy the other day. I cannot believe how grown up he is. He is definitely the big brother and looks out for his sisters. He can be a bit crazy at times but really he is the sweetest little boy I know. I am so proud of him!

Molly and Kate are in school two days a week. The first day there was a lot of tears (both them and their classmates). Then I ended up in the hospital and it pretty much rocked their world. They were in a three's class but we ended up switching them to the two's class and they are doing much better. Kate seems to really like school and is adjusting fairly well. Molly on the other hand, not so much. When you ask her if she likes school her response is a big fat "NO! I don't like it." Now I know she is doing fine because despite all the tears at drop off her teachers are telling me it only lasts for a few minutes. She is painting and singing and dancing and playing. I let them have their binkys on Thursday to try and help with drop off. I totally know I am going to regret that but hey, whatever works. That is definitely my motto these days.

They are all eagerly awaiting their upcoming birthdays. We are having a party at a local moon bounce place. They can hardly contain their excitement. Ryan changes his mind at least daily about what kind of cake he wants. Molly wants a "Cars" cake and Kate wants an "orange" cake. I still have trouble wrapping my mind around the fact that I will be a mother to a five year old and twin three year olds.

I have some pictures of the first day of school that I need to upload and post. I will do that soon but right now I need to get to bed.

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