Sunday, September 03, 2006

Today's the day!

I have been thinking for a while now that I should keep some kind of diary or memoirs of life in the Dunne household. Today, I did it! Welcome to my ramblings and all things Dunne.

Kevin and Ryan are outside cleaning up the yard from some nasty storms yesterday, and the girls are napping. This is "mommy time". Time when I can sit down and decompress for a bit and connect to the outside world through the internet; aka feed my addiction.

Ryan is almost 4! He is 40 lbs and approximately 41 inches tall. He is ALL boy! He loves all things cars, trains, and trucks with Disney Cars being a current fave. Buzz Lightyear is also his hero. He is giving us heck with bedtime lately. He gets out of bed rather frequently saying, "I'm scared." When asked what he's afraid of we get all kinds of answers from "the cars passing the house to the blue glow of mommy's alarm clock". We are trying to eliminate naps because this definitely makes bedtime harder. Ryan is FULL of energy. He loves to rip and run. He will start Preschool on September 11th, four days a week.

Molly is about 25 lbs and maybe 34 inches tall. We'll find out for sure at her 2 year check up. Molly is our crazy one. She is into everything! She is working very hard on walking up and down the stairs all by herself. Her two top teeth are starting to re-emerge. :) She also tends to be a bit of a bully, taking whatever it is that Katie has. May be why she has sported a full set of teeth marks on occasion.

Kate is about 24 lbs but is a good two inches shorter than Molly. Kate is getting some new teeth which has made her a bit grumpy. Normally she is our ray of sunshine. She is very social and is definitely a girly girl. She loves dresses, jewelry and stuffed animals. Kate recently shocked us all with her escape from the crib! Yep, she climbed out. Rather effortlessly I might add. Needless to say the girls got new "Princess tents" aka crib tents for their cribs. So far so good.

Stay tuned for lots more adventures!

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