Saturday, September 09, 2006

A little break....

Ryan spent the night at Gam and Pop Pop's house last night. It is SO nice to be able to put the girls to bed at 8PM and have a quiet evening.

We did a huge Costco run this morning and went to ToysRUs to get a new diaper pail. Exciting stuff. We also picked up Ryan's Halloween costume, Buzz Lightyear! He will be very happy I am sure. We took the girls to lunch at the local burger joint. They made quite a mess but had a great time.

Nothing going on for the rest of the weekend. Working on getting lots of clothes hung and tagged for the upcoming Mothers of Multiples resale. Last resale I made over $700.

I can't believe the girls will be two at the end of the month! They are starting to walk up and down the stairs, are talking up a storm and are starting to love to play with dolls.

Molly has such a raspy voice, it cracks me up. And she is SO active. She loves to jump. In fact, the other day I saw her gearing up to jump off of a chair, but then she stopped herself. I guess she realized that may not be the best thing to try. I give it a week.

It looks like Kate may be a lefty. She loves to color and the crayon is always in her left hand. Guess time will tell. Kate has a definite 'tude lately. Look at her funny or deny her what she wants, and man, look out! She can throw quite a shit fit. But she can be sweet as pie too. Her cutest new trick is singing "The Wheels on the Bus" complete with hand motions.

Oh, I found out I have to have another hernia repair. Oh joy! Apparently the repair exactly a year ago didn't stick. Sept 19th is the big day followed by a bit of a "mommy vaca" as after that I can't lift the kids for 2 weeks. Good thing Kevin has vacation time left.

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