Saturday, March 29, 2008

Loose teeth!

Ryan has two loose teeth! I cannot believe my baby boy has loose teeth. We found out the other day when he went to the dentist for a check up. We also found out he has two cavities. :( He has to go back on April 10th for the first filling and sometime after that for the second. The second one they may have to put a cap on. That's it, no more sugar for the kids.

Kevin is working all weekend and I am sick. Again! Bronchitis revisted. So I am back on antibiotics and inhalers. And no one wants to come anywhere near me so I am on my own with the kids. Today went pretty well. Ryan was itching to get outside but since I am sick as are the girls, I was able to beg off from that one.

So we played babies instead. Molly was the Mommy, Kate was the dog and Ryan was the Mailman aka Daddy. We counted 20 babies and I asked, "Who is the daddy to all these babies?" Ryan's reply, "The mailman." I almost spit out my coffee laughing so hard. Where do they come up with this?

I am taking my wheezing, coughing self to bed. I should be tagging for the Mothers of Multiples resale next weekend. Oh well, maybe tomorrow night.

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