Wednesday, October 31, 2007

"Got your penis!"

Yesterday my friend Erin watched the kids while I did an interview for Welcome Neighbor. (Trying to carry on a conversation let alone an intelligent conversation with three kids running around doesn't really work.) So last night Erin and I were out "Spaghetti Dinner" shopping and she told me of a Ryan funny. First the good news..... Apparently all the kids played very nicely together. Now for the funny..... Ryan was playing chase and at one point grabbed at Molly's diaper area proclaiming, "Got your penis!" "Got your penis!" Say what?!

Erin suggested maybe we should teach Ryan about the difference between boys and girls. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Everytime I even think "Got your penis!" I start to laugh.

Yes, we have taught Ryan the difference between boys and girls. Yes, we've talked about Molly and Kate having vaginas, "'ginas" as they call them. I also assured Erin that no, we do not play any strange games in our house.

Nothing like a night out with a good girl friend and laughing about penises. :) Thanks Erin!

Oh and by the way, I got the job. I start next week.

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Trish said...

OMG I am laughing so hard I have tears.