Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Binky Update

Well, so far so good. Kate was up in the middle of the night coughing so I gave her some Tylenol. She asked for her binkys and I explained the Binky Fairy had taken them for the new babies and left her a surprise which she could have tomorrow (as I had not planned this, I needed time to run out to get something. LOL) She seemed okay with this and went back to sleep. This morning the first words out of Molly's mouth "Binkys?!" I explained the whole Binky Fairy deal. She burst into tears but after a bit seemed to come to some kind of understanding. Ryan was even a bit upset. "The Binky Fairy?! Why did she take the girls' binkys? How'd she get in? And where's my surprise from the Binky Fairy?" Good grief my kids know how to milk it.

So anyway, they all went to school. The girls shed a few tears at drop off and cried for their binkys a bit. (I had let them have them at drop off in the very beginning of school to help with the transition but they hadn't taken them to school in quite some time.) I left to do some errands and waited for a phone call but they must have calmed down as I did not get one.

So I did my errands and had lunch with my mom. I even made the Binky Fairy pit stop. At 1 PM I picked the gang up and everyone was all smiles. Whew! I had their surprises in the car waiting. For Ryan, some new Cars, for Molly a new baby and for Kate a Fur Real Puppy. Happy kids all around.

Or so I thought...

Kate's puppy came with a little red bottle. Don't ya know I have been hearing Molly screaming about that dang bottle for the past two hours and how she WANTS it.
MUST.HAVE.IT. I tried to give her other bottles. No dice. I suggested she could take a turn and give it back. No dice. Molly is just like her mother who every Christmas was always jealous of a certain sister's present and figured out some way to con said sister into "trading".

Some day I hope Molly's strong will, determination and drive will take her far. In the meantime, she wears me out!

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