Saturday, July 28, 2007

Same old, same old

For some reason, I alway fall behind with this blog. Hmmm....

I cannot believe August is right around the corner. Seems like just yesterday we were filling up the mini van and the car and heading to the shore. We spent the week before Father's Day in Cape May. Needless to say traveling with three kiddos is always an adventure. Within the first 10 minutes in the house, Kate fell and smashed her head into a chair. She developed a huge lump and quite the bruise. Kinda like our last shore trip in June '05 when Molly fell within 30 minutes of our arrival and did pretty much the same thing. We had a fun week especially dodging the nasty seagulls at the beach. Apparently I provided some great entertainment when I tossed an order of fries into the air when I felt the flying rats were about to dive bomb me. I don't think I'll live that one down anytime soon. Ryan LOVED the water. The girls were scared to death of it. Which in truth was just fine. They stuck right by us and played in the sand. Aunt Hil became a water slave, trapsing to the ocean to fill up buckets over and over and over again. Thanks Aunt Hil. Gam, Pop Pop and Aunt Kiki (aka Kelly) came alonf too. It was def nice to have some helping hands with the kids. Kevin and I even got to sneak away for a date at our favorite spot, The Lobster House.

For the 4th of July, Kevin was working so I took the kiddos to the parade with Gam and Pop Pop. The highlight, the police horses pooping right as they went by. The kids are still talking about that. "Horses poop! Stinky!"

Ryan is such a big boy now he even watched fireworks! In the rain to boot. I can't believe how quickly he is growing up.

We've been keeping busy with MOMS Club and a "homemade" camp with our playgroup friends. We've been taking turns hosting and planning fun activies to keep everyone learning over the summer. We hosted train camp last week. We ended the week with a trip to one of Ryan's favorite spots, The Pennsylvania Train Museum.

Ryan just finished a week of Vacation Bible School which he loved. He did so well! He got a teeny bit teary the first two days but he stayed the whole time and had fun. Today he told me he really liked it and wanted to go back every summer. Yay Ryan!

I am getting ready for hernia repair #3. The plan is to do some major reconstructing this time. I will probably be in the hospital for several days and then will be restricted from lifting for 12 weeks. I am a bit overwhelmed and stressed by this. As anyone who knows me should know, I am a control freak and don't do so well asking for help. I've joked to my girlfriends that this is God's way of sending me yet another message that I am not in control and I'd better chill. Easier said than done for me. Anyway, I've been needing a good vaca.

I am trying to wrap up some MOMS Club things, get haircuts for me and the kids, clean my house, make phone calls and generally get my To Do list done. Today I took the girls to Kmart and they got back packs for school. Yes, school. They will start preschool two days a week in the fall. Ryan will be in pre-K five days a week. When did they get so big????

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