Sunday, May 27, 2007

Catching up with pictures

Molly doing what she does best...running.
(This reminds me of the opening credits to Little House on the Prairie. LOL)

A sisterly moment
Bored with Mother's Day Brunch

Aunt Hil and Molly
More running Molly
She did hold still for a while to play in water!

"I do it myself!"
Crocs on the wrong feet
Gift for Gam for Mother's Day
Kate and Gam at Hershey Park

Getting off the train

Molly running again.
Big milestone....
Ryan getting his picture taken with a "character"!
Pooped but happy at the end of the day.
Ryan jumping
Arriving at Hershey Park

Sibling squabble!
Molly's hand did make contact.
Molly in time out.
Self portrait
(Really just bored waiting for Ryan to get out of school.)
Molly and Kate LOVE babies.
They were even allowed to hold a real live one!
Molly's pouty face
And happy face
So handsome
I love feet pictures!

Most of these pictures were taken with my old lens. Boy, does the new lens make a difference.

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